Installation Instructions

Everything you need to be able to install your Water Gem quickly and efficiently.

Installation Instructions
  • Clear, fresh-tasting water from a tap in your own kitchen.
  • No pipes to cut and no need to shut off your water supply.
  • Easy DIY fit with simple to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Filter includes scale inhibitor – prolongs the life of your kettle.
  • Modular construction – easy to upgrade and replace parts.
  • Full after sales support available from our experts.

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6 Easy Steps

To installing your Water Gem filtration system

1 Step 1

Drill a 1/2” hole and fix the tap to the sink or work surface ensuring that the end of the tap is over the sink.

2 Step 2

Fix the filter mounting bracket to the side or back of the cupboard, ensuring the filter will be mounted vertically.

3 Step 3

Connect the tap to filter cartridge using the blue tubing as described in the full instructions above.

4 Step 4

Locate self tapping saddle valve on the incoming mains supply but to not pierce the water pipe.

5 Step 5

Connect filter to saddle valve using the red tubing, ensuring that the direction of flow through the filter is correct.

6 Step 6

Turn the self-tapping saddle valve fully clockwise to pierce the water pipe and fully anti-clockwise to open the valve.