Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

You can order complete Water Gem Systems, Replacement Filters and Tap Upgrades through the web store on this website.

What if the item I want to order isn’t on the website?

In some cases we haven’t been able to put all versions of a product on the website (such as the tap upgrades which come in a variety of finishes) in which case, please contact us for details of the other versions available.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No but we’re happy to negotiate discounted rates for bulk purchases. Please contact us to enquire.

Can you supply outside the UK?

Yes, we can process orders through this site for delivery across Europe. Prices for delivery outside Europe are dependent on the weight and dimensions of your order so unfortunately we can't currently process non-EU orders through the site. Please contact us for a quote if you require delivery outside Europe.

I think I’ve ordered the wrong item by mistake, can I return it?

We can take back goods if they are ordered in error in all but a handful of cases – i.e. unless they are special order and cannot be returned to the supplier but we will make you aware of this before the order is placed.

A handling change can also apply but this is variable depending on the value of the goods and if they are own-brand with associated manufacturing costs.

Are your systems easy to install / maintain?

In a word: yes!

All our systems are supplied with full installation instructions and filter change instructions, many of which are also available on this website. Some of the 3 way tap upgrades, however, will require a connection to existing hot and cold water pipes and we would recommend that this is carried out by a qualified operative.

Will the Water Gem reduce the scale which damages my kettle?

Yes, if you fill your kettle from the Water Gem tap it will reduce the amount of new scale that forms.

Will the Water Gem remove the fluoride from my water?

The Water Gem doesn't remove fluoride. We can, however, supply other systems which include fluoride reduction cartridges as well as domestic reverse osmosis systems. Please contact us for details.