Water Gem PackagingStandard Water Gem Tap

Water Gem Starter Pack

The original under-sink water filter system.

The original and still the best! Despite a host of imitators, the Water Gem is still Europe’s best selling under sink water filter system.

Made in Southport in the UK for over 20 years from WRAS approved materials, the Water Gem offers a cost effective, reliable and easy to fit alternative to bottled water and a filter jug.

Providing freshly filtered water from a dedicated tap in your kitchen, the Water Gem comes with everything needed for an easy DIY installation (though you will need access to a drill)


The filter contains Granular Activated Carbon which dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine in your water as well as reducing any agricultural herbicides / pesticides that make their way into the mains water supply. As a bonus it also contains polyphosphate which inhibits hard scale forming minerals like calcium and magnesium so if you fill your kettle up from your Water Gem tap in hard water areas scale build up inside your kettle will be reduced.

Filter Dimensions

Length: 32cm Diameter: 16cm


Up to 2,500 Litres

Micron Rating

5 Micron (approx.)

Fitting Type

3/8” Spigot

Unless otherwise stated, carriage charges are as follows:

Region Cost
United Kingdom £3.99
EIRE £13.50
Europe £16.50

For delivery outside Europe, please contact us for a carriage quote.